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Engine Parts Manufacturer and Supplier

Wantuo is a leading engine parts manufacturer and supplier of different automotive parts. For decades, the company has been of service to thousands of local and international customers. Our engine parts online store offers a large parts selection for OEM branded engine, aftermarket, and customized car engine parts. As an engine replacement parts supplier, we ensure to provide you with products featuring the highest quality, nothing less.


Wantuo Engine Parts

Wantuo Engine Parts are diversified into different specifications catering to different vehicle application requirements.


Wantuo Cylinder Head

Our cylinder heads offer the best quality and performance. They are made utilizing efficient port designs partnered with premium materials for upgraded performance.


Wantuo Pistion

Wantuo pistons are made identical to OEM parts offering the same installation and increased engine efficiency.

Wantuo® Product

What Wantuo Does

We export and supply the finest quality engine parts for different makes and vehicle types. Make sure to check out our engine parts online or contact us so we can provide you our engine parts catalog.

Cylinder Head

Ever wonder what is a cylinder head is and its function and importance to your vehicle? The cylinder head is what covers or houses your engine parts. It is made from high-quality aluminum promoting optimum durability to wear and tear. Also, this material is made to withstand high temperatures which are perfect for daily driving. Wantuo creates both traditional and custom cylinder heads catering to different automotive engine specifications, numbers, castings, and more.


The piston is an integral part of the reciprocating engine. It is made up of moving circular metal with a piston ring achieving an air-tight seal once installed inside the cylinder. The piston is seen to be attached using a piston pin to a connecting rod, which is then connected to the crankshaft. Wantuo engine parts catalog includes a wide variety of engine piston perfect for OEM applications. Our products are made affordable yet achieving the highest quality possible giving our customers the best replacement of engine auto parts on the market today.

About Wantuo®

Leading Engine Parts Manufacturer and Supplier

Wantuo is one of the most recognized and trusted engine Parts Companies, manufacturers, and suppliers on the market. We take pride on providing the best engine parts at the most affordable price compared to high prices of those who makes OEM engine part. 

We innovate and develop our engine parts making our selection cater to the latest product trends and achieving present and future-proof quality requirements. We offer wholesale of various engine parts perfect for start-up and small engine parts suppliers that want to load their shops with quality and highly marketable products.

ISO Certified Engine Parts Manufacturer

All products under the Wantuo brand are manufactured adhering to the strictest standards of the ISO quality system. They are designed to be a direct replacement to stock units for different types of vehicles.

Built To Last

Our products are made from the finest materials available today. This is to contribute to the overall performance of the application as well as promoting durability that will last for many years. Our engine cylinder heads and pistons guarantee to withstand the toughest operations.

For 15+ Years We Have Been Creating Customized Auto Engine Part Solution

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Over 15 Years of Experience

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More than 100 Employers

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More than 20000 Square

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Fit 2+ Certification

More than 98.5% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend Wantuo over time.

Wantuo® Auto Parts

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Make sure to be updated on the latest product release of Wantuo. Contact us on the details provided on the page and acquire our free engine parts catalog. Find exacting parts for your application without the need of spending a fortune.

Why Wantuo®

Why Wantuo® Engine Parts Company

Wide Coverage

Wantuo Engine Parts Fits more than 25 makes

Tested Parts

All products undergo strict testing for durability and reliable performance

Large Production

We produce millions of engine parts per year adapting to the increasing demand for replacements for both OEM and aftermarket

ISO Certified

We are an ISO-certified engine rebuild parts supplier and manufacturer. All products ensure to be of the highest quality.

Fast Delivery

Wantuo is partnered with many distributors worldwide ensuring fast and safe product transport at all times.


Our products are seen to be more affordable compared to other diesel engine parts manufacturers and suppliers making us an ideal partner for businesses.


Our Clients Question

The warranty is 1 year.

20pcs every order.

We have ISO9001 and TS14969 certification.

Please provide OEM No, engine No, quantity, country and the export way.

All the products are packaged by neutral paper box or neutral wooden box. Also can provide customized color box.

The products can be delivered in 1 weeks if all the products are in stock, or it will depend on the production schedule.

Most of the products will be shipped by sea or by air if customers ask for.

It our own brand WANTUO.

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