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As an industry-leading billet camshaft manufacturer, Wantuo creates highly engineered, adaptable billet camshafts for optimal engine performance, longevity, and efficiency.


Leading Camshaft Supplier

No matter what kind of camshaft our customers need, we can provide professional customized service. With a customer-centered approach and a commitment to excellence, we provide a reliable partner for all types of vehicle manufacturers and repair service providers.

Material Strength

Wantuo’s billet camshafts boast high-strength alloy steel, ensuring longevity with a tensile strength exceeding 145,000 psi.

Customization Expertise

Elevate engine performance with Wantuo’s billet camshafts, offering customizable duration.

Performance Testing

Wantuo’s billet camshafts are rigorously tested for over 50 hours, proving a 10% horsepower boost and exceptional reliability.

How is a Billet Crankshaft Made

operator inspection cam of camshaft by cam profile testing machine

Choose a high-quality steel alloy (such as 4340) for its excellent strength, durability, and machinability.

Begin with a solid cylindrical billet of the selected material, ensuring it’s free from defects and impurities.

Utilize precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to remove excess material, creating the crankshaft’s intricate shape and features.

Apply heat treatment to enhance strength and durability, followed by surface finishing processes such as nitriding for improved hardness and wear resistance.

Conduct rigorous quality control checks, including dimensional measurements, balancing, and magnetic particle inspection, to ensure the crankshaft meets specified tolerances and quality standards.

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