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Cylinder Head Supplier and Manufacturer

Wantuo is a two-decade engine cylinder head supplier and manufacturer of various engine parts including engine pistons. Wantuo cylinder heads supply partners and customers from over 30 countries from different regions. 

The company is capable of producing over 50 million engine cylinder heads a year which supports the global demand for both replacements and OEM.

ISO Certified Cylinder Head Manufacturer

Throughout the company’s years of manufacturing processes, we have received several international certifications including ISO 9001: TS 16949 and ISO 9000.

State-of-the-Art Facility

We have the latest tools and manufacturing equipment and use them to have the advantage of having the best process of making our products. We also caters to custom cylinder heads.

Wantuo Cylinder Head Company

Wantuo is partnered with many international distributors and suppliers allowing our customers to acquire their orders on time. We create engine parts solutions including cylinder head bolt, head valves, cylinder head porting, etc, and make them available at a highly competitive price. Unlike cylinder head remanufacturers, Wantuo uses 100% brand-new materials providing you with replacement parts with the same grade or better than OEM parts.

Wantuo cylinder heads are built synonymous to original equipment or better. So, if you are needing of engine parts that are the same or better than OEM performance, durability, and strength, Wantuo Cylinder Heads are here!

How are cylinder heads made

Wantuo Cylinder Head Manufacturing Process

Given the stress that cylinder head encounters from day-to-day engine operation, it is important to choose the right replacement that will give you all the benefits of your stock unit. Wantuo cylinder heads are made to mirror the stock unit’s performance, durability, and serves as an upgrade. We make sure to produce them capable of withstanding the common wear and tear and operational stresses as well as high temperature from different engine parts.

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Best Materials

We use aluminum in creating cylinder heads for upgraded durability and performance. We also have iron-casted cylinder heads that cater to specific applications.

Precise CNC Machining

The company utilizes cutting-edge CNC machining equipment allowing our products to be produced with features synonymous or identical to OEM parts or better

Custom Cylinder Heads

Alongside conventional engine parts, Wantuo custom cylinder heads are made available providing a wider selection of cylinder heads for specific application requirements.

100% Tested

All products of Wantuo go through extensive product testing ensuring cylinder heads are ready for immediate installation once out of the box.

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