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Cylinder Head Manufacturers

What is a Cylinder Head?

Any idea what is the role of a cylinder head inside your engine? A cylinder head is commonly seated on the top of the engine block. It houses different engine components including intake and exhaust valves, springs and lifters, as well as the combustion chamber. The most common materials used by cylinder head manufacturers are steel and aluminum.

The Cylinder head is design to have port ways or passages. The passages allow the cylinder head to enable the air and fuel to flow inside the cylinder while permitting the exhaust gasses to flow outside. The port ways also serve as a channel for the coolant to reach the engine block that cools down engine components. As said earlier, a cylinder head is seated on the of the engine block. Thus, a gap is present. The cylinder head gasket aids this gap to prevent water or oil leaks that might compromise the engine’s health and performance.

Cylinder Head Market Size

The Automotive Industry, in general, has been directed by affected Covid-19 in terms of production, competition, dynamics, and global supply and demand. Though revenues have gone down in 2020, the market is seen to gradually uptrend from 2021 onwards. Many cylinder head manufacturer today optimizes their operation when it comes to the product line and production volume. This might serve as the first step of having the market back on its feet.

The Cylinder Head market is segmented into different types of applications, materials, and sources.

Type of Materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Iron

Application Type:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles


  • Independent Suppliers
  • In-house Manufacturing

Cylinder Head Manufacturing Process: How are Cylinder Heads Made?

Different cylinder head manufacturers use different methods to make the part. Some offer better results, and are more preferred. Others provide the benefits of cost savings. Sometimes, the cylinder head material dictates the best process to use. Here is a look at the methods.

cylinder head manufacturing

Cylinder head manufacturers can use different methods to make the product: lost foam method, permanent mold casting, sandcasting, and pressure die casting.

The lost foam process is the most popular. There are many reasons for that. The method follows a simple process, which saves on the manufacturing costs and time. It also allows the casting of complicated cylinder head designs to suit the modern engine.

Cylinder head manufacture using the lost form process follows this sequence.

  • The cylinder head pattern is made by gluing together layers of foaming polystyrene
  • The construction is then coated in ceramic and dried using an airflow
  • The structure is placed in a flask
  • Sand is poured into the structure to fill all the spaces in the pattern
  • The sand is then compacted to firmly take up the spaces. This forms the mold
  • Molten cylinder head material is then poured into the mold
  • The heat of the molten metal evaporates the polystyrene material
  • The molten metal dries up, taking the shape of the mold or cylinder head structure
  • The casting is then washed to remove the sand
  • After that, the cylinder head block is machined to the required specifications
  • Later, various cylinder head parts such as valve seals and valve seats are fitted

Cylinder Head Manufactures:

There are lots of traditional and performance cylinder head manufacturers and remanufactures on the scene today. Due to increasing demand, many cylinder head suppliers and distributors have been sprouting on the scene. This is good news for some and a problem for others. Due to a large number of cylinder head manufacturers and supplier today, customers tend to take more time than usual when looking for a cylinder head replacement. In this article, we will tackle the best cylinder head manufacturers on the market today based on popularity and demand.

Brodix Cylinder Head

Brodix is a cylinder head manufacturer that has been doing business for over 50 years. The company promotes manufacturing that does not involve any third party. They are known due to their innovative design and precise manufacturing. Brodix takes quality and workmanship seriously. As advertised, BRODIX sells a large number of aftermarket cylinder heads than anyone else in the business.

Brodix cylinder heads show compatibility with many applications. These include engines of different makes including Chevrolet big and small block, Ford, Mopar, V6 Chevrolet compatible heads, and more.

Advantages of Brodix Cylinder Head:

  • Carries a large number of cylinder heads for racing projects
  • Promotes aluminum cylinder heads for different application
  • Products are supported by over 50 years of experience
  • One-roof manufacturing

Brodix Website:

Brodix Cylinder Heads:

Brodix Product Catalog:

AMC Cylinder Head

AMC is not a stranger when it comes to cylinder head manufacturing. AMC is a world-renowned leader in manufacturing cylinder heads for light diesel engine applications. They are the lone European cylinder head manufacturer that serves the aftermarket market. AMC promotes original equipment quality cylinder head replacements at a competitive price.

The company uses the highest quality aluminum in the manufacturing cylinder heads. This is backed by utilizing cutting-edge machining technology, which guarantees durability and perfect engine operation. AMC assigns every cylinder head with its specific ID code. This ensures product traceability and customer confidence. 2 years of warranty protects those products from any manufacturing defects. The company ensures that all cylinder heads are tested before packing.

AMC Cylinder Heads:

  • Products are supported by 2 year-warranty
  • Tested cylinder heads before packing
  • Made from the highest quality of aluminum
  • Specific ID Code imbedded in each cylinder head for traceability
  • Original equipment quality cylinder head at a competitive price.

AMC Website:

AMC Aluminum Cylinder Heads:

AMC Aftermarkets:

Mopar Cylinder Head

Mopar is an exclusive cylinder head supplier for many OEM and millions of applications under vehicle make including Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Fiat, and Chrysler vehicle engines. For over 80 years, the company has been patronized by car owners, professional technicians, racers, and weekend drivers. Their products are on the top list when it comes to repair and maintenance requirements.

Mopar parts do not take manufacturing cylinder heads as business alone but also a passion. They give importance to their products’ reliability and appearance on top of performance. They also do custom build cylinder heads.

Mopar Cylinder Heads:

  • Mopar Cylinder heads are seen as ideal to keep the engine in top-shape
  • Crafted from premium materials and the latest technology
  • Engineered to ensure exceptional performance
  • Constructed offering high resistance to wear and tear for longevity
  • Designed according to the highest standards established

Mopar Official Website:

Mopar Pro Shop:

Mopar Pro Shop – Mopar Heads:

RHS Cylinder Head

Racing Head Service
RHS Head Catalog

RHS or the Racing Head Service offers a performance cylinder head, engine block, and intake manifold. Since founded in 1967, RHS has exclusive manufacturing race car parts including racing cylinder heads. The company leverages the engineering and development team of the industry-leading COMP Performance Group. With this, RHS has re-established itself as a leader in airflow design.

RHS offers a wide selection of cylinder heads that are made from a variety of quality materials including aluminum, cast iron, titanium, and so on.

RHS Cylinder Heads:

  • Improved thermal conductivity and extra-thick deck faces due to refined water jacket design
  • Provides superior heat dissipation and longer life
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy installation and removal
  • Provides superior port-to-chamber transitions & Optimal airflow efficiency

Racing Head Service Website:

Racing Head Service Cylinder Heads:

Racing Head Service Catalog:

ADV Cylinder Head

ADV Cylinder Heads are amongst the top cylinder head manufacturers that specialize in both brand-new and remanufactured cylinder heads for different makes and models. ADV cylinder heads also cater to cylinder head modifications. The company has over 40 years of background in providing high-quality heads and other auto parts globally.

The ADV uses an intensive cleaning process leveraging manufacturing tools for remanufactured parts. ADV Cylinder Heads’ cleaning process is considered one of the most intensive cleaning techniques today. The company uses PCD to mill aluminum heads and CBN for cast iron.

ADV Cylinder Heads:

  • Strict quality control and testing
  • Utilizing latest equipment
  • intensive cleaning process for remanufactured parts
  • Offers 3 years unlimited warranty
  • Premium gasket sets
  • Products for different makes and vehicle types

ADV Cylinder Heads Official Website:

ADV Cylinder Heads Our Shop:


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