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Wantuo is one of the leading engine valve manufacturers where power and precision collide. As a reputable engine valve supplier, we combine cutting-edge technology, premium components, and personalization choices to guarantee your engines run smoothly and dependably.

leading Engine Valves Production Manufacturer

For cutting-edge technology, high-strength alloys, adaptable solutions, strict quality control, and a track record of success, choose Wantuo engine valves. Improve the performance of your engine with our sturdy, creative, and dependable valves.

R&D Team

We have a specialized R&D team dedicated to continually improving valve design to increase performance and fuel efficiency.

Wide Range Product Line

We offer a wide range of engine valves of various types and specifications to meet the needs of different customers and applications.


We are able to provide customized solutions according to the specific needs of our customers to ensure that our products fully meet their requirements.

Wantuo Engine Valves Types

Poppet Valve

Poppet Valve

Our  poppet valve was crafted from high-strength stainless steel alloys. It has a mushroom head for optimal airflow and is operated by a robust valve stem, ensuring precise opening and closing.

Overhead Valve (OHV)

Overhead Valve (OHV)

Wantuo OHV is precision-engineered with high-quality steel alloys. It has pushrods and rocker arms for reliable actuation and is strategically located in the engine block.

Overhead Camshaft (OHC)

Overhead Camshaft (OHC)

OHCs we produce are engineered with advanced heat-resistant alloys. Our OHC has direct actuation by the camshaft in the lightweight cylinder head and placed in the cylinder head for reduced valvetrain mass.

Variable Valve Timing Valve

Constructed from durable, heat-resistant alloys, Wantuo VVT dynamically adjusts valve timing within milliseconds for optimal performance. It also enhances power delivery, improving fuel efficiency by up to 10%.

Exhaust Valve with Stellite Tip

Exhaust Valve with Stellite Tip

Our exhaust valve with stellite tip has high-temperature-resistant alloy base material and stellite alloy tip, providing exceptional wear resistance. This valve demonstrates a 30% increase in valve lifespan under extreme exhaust conditions.

Engine Valves Manufacturing Process

We choose high-quality alloys like stainless steel, ensuring resilience to high temperatures and corrosion, and prepare the raw material for machining.

We utilizes CNC machinery for precise shaping, creating the valve’s intricate design with tight tolerances crucial for optimal engine performance.

Our subjects are moved to heat treatment and surface coating of the machined valves to heat treatment for enhanced strength and durability, followed by surface coating for improved wear resistance.

Wantuo QA rigorously inspects valves for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and material integrity, ensuring each unit meets stringent quality standards.

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