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Wantuo® Auto Parts

BMW Cylinder Head Replacement

Wantuo is a leading cylinder head manufacturer that offers replacements for different carmakers including BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and more. Our cylinder head reaches more than 20 countries from different regions.

Due to heat and pressure, while operating, the cylinder head will eventually come to its failing state. When having a bad cylinder head, symptoms including overheating, hot spots from the cooling system, failing water pump, failing thermostat, and coolant leak can be experienced.

Why Wantuo®

Why Our Automotive Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head Replacement

BMW cylinder head replacement cost varies to different types of components and engines to fit. However, here at Wantuo, we offer the best price of BMW head that covers virtually all applications under the brand.

Specific Requirement

The company has an extensive catalog perfect for your specific requirement. All units are made from the likeness of OEM but without its high price.

Cylinder Head Manufacturer

Wantuo manufactures the highest-quality aluminum engine cylinder head for different types of vehicles. Here you can find the most specific, OE-like product that is sure to provide perfect fitment for hassle-free and easy installation.

Wide Application

Together with BMW cylinder heads and replacements for convention cars, our cylinder heads also cater to applications such as SUVs, passenger vehicles, trucks, pickup trucks, light- and heavy-duty applications.

Find Your Parts

When in need of something reliable for your engine block, Wantuo will be the perfect cylinder head manufacturer for you. Check your OEM number before purchasing an aftermarket replacement. You can also call us so we can assist you with your purchase.

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