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Your best custom camshaft manufacturer. With precision engineering, we tailor camshafts to meet your engine’s unique performance demands.

CAMSHAFT products

Wantuo Camshaft Products

Billet Camshaft

Precision-machined from our high-strength alloy steel, Wantuo billet camshaft offers customizable lobe profiles for racing engines, ensuring durability, precision, and compatibility with specific cylinder configurations. 

Roller Camshaft

Our roller camshafts feature roller lifters to reduce friction. Roller camshafts we produce are ideal for high-performance engines with aggressive profiles, offering durability, increased RPM capability, and compatibility with roller lifters.

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Custom Camshaft Service

Dedicated to providing exceptional automotive performance customization through superior engineering and high level manufacturing processes. Our unique expertise and experience is designed to infuse your engine with customized high performance, ensuring a driving experience that is at the top of the industry!

Camshaft Grinding

We offer precision grinding of camshaft lobes tailored to specific lift and duration profiles.

Noise Control

Changing the vibration and noise characteristics of the engine during operation by adjusting the camshaft design.

Material Selection

Different material options are available to meet customer needs for light weight or other special performance requirements.

Your Best Camshaft Manufacturer

Proven Expertise

Wantuo’s custom camshafts are crafted with precision, dependability, and optimal performance thanks to decades of industry-leading expertise.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities at Wantuo provide precision engineering and guarantee the highest caliber in each camshaft.

Customer-Centric Approach

We guarantee unmatched performance and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, collaborative design, and practical solutions for custom camshafts.

For 15+ Years We Have Been Creating Customized Auto Engine Part Solution

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